Frequently Asked Questions

How I work
  • Personal service is very important to me. That is why I would be happy to discuss your preferences and wishes in advance. I also like to explain personally how I work and I like to give tips on clothing, time of the photo shoot, etc.
  • You can book a photo shoot on location – with no limit as to the number of people who can be in the photo. Do you have a location in mind? That’s great! I’d be happy to discuss this with you.
    You can also book a photo shoot in my home studio, where I can accommodate a maximum of 2 adults and 2 children I work with a combination of daylight and flashes, which means that only during daytime photo shoots in my studio are possible. If needed, I’d be happy to help you get some inspiration. But of course, you can also leave it to me. Personal contact and a good briefing are very important to me.
  • I mainly work during weekends. For most people that works well when planning an appointment.
  • I don’t advertise a lot. That keeps costs low for both me and the client! To promote my work, I ask my clients if I may share some pictures via my online channels. Of course, you decide which ones. Thanks in advance!
  • Please feel free to contact me and let me make a bid for you.
Delivering the pictures
  • Photography does not only mean taking pictures, but also means digital development. I only deliver photos that I developed myself.
  • You’ll receive the photos digitally. I strive to deliver them as quickly as possible. I’ll always let you know personally how much time I need. It depends on the amount of work I have, but normally, you have your photos within 2 weeks. (For some types of photo product, such as a book, it can take a bit longer.)
  • If you would like to order a photo product, please let me know. I often make professional photo books (using the highest paper quality), or send you a canvas of your favorite photo. Just let me know what you like to have and I’ll let you know what’s possible.
  • I do not like making appointments about the maximum number of photos you get. You simply get all photos I like. A happy customer makes me a happy photographer. Do you prefer a set number of pictures? Please let me know
  • Please contact me as soon as possible to schedule an appointment. I only shoot a few weddings a year. That way, the most beautiful moment in your life remains a special moment for me too. I like to put my whole energy into it.
  • My way of photographing is best described as “documentary style”. I capture your day, from the beginning till the end, in a way as natural as possible – from the make-up until you kick off your shoes during the party. Of course it is also possible to schedule an official portrait session in between. A briefing of the day (oral or on paper) helps me a lot not missing any important moment.
  • What happens if I cannot be present at your wedding due to unforeseen circumstances? That will hopefully not happen! ☺ Just in case, I have a large network of photographers from which I can provide replacement and briefing so that you get the same result and you don’t have to worry.
  • Do you plan to get married abroad? That’s great! Let me know as soon as possible so that I can look at the possibilities.
  • Next to delivering photos digitally, I’d love to make a special photo album of your wedding day. An album is much more tangible and, in my experience, is viewed much more often than photos on a hard disk. Whether you choose for a photo book, is of course completely up to you.
  • I would love to meet you and personally discuss your wishes and ideas.
Pregnancy Shots
  • Around 7 months is the best time to do a photo shoot. Then the upcoming mother usually still feels fit, the baby has not yet descended and the belly is beautifully round.
  • My advice is to put on clothes in which your belly comes out nicely and in which you feel good. Please avoid prominent prints, logos and colors that are too bright.
    Would you like to take a picture of your naked belly, choose beautiful underwear: I would recommend black.
  • Do you have a special family item or did you already buy the first shoes or a stuffed animal? Let me know and bring them along.
  • It is nice to bring the partner or the older sister / brother to the photo shoot.
  • Again, please give me a call for a briefing or tips.
Business meetings
  • I like to receive a briefing about your expectations, the purpose of the photos and if there are important moments I shall not miss.
  • On what terms do you need the photos to be delivered? Some companies want to show a short slide show at the end of a business meeting, showing the first impressions of the day. Sometimes the photos are needed afterwards, for a newsletter or website.
  • Feel free to contact me to see what the possibilities are.

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